20 best National Geographic photos

Every day editors of National Geographic receive tonnes of photos from all over the world. Thousands of photographers worldwide work and wait for the perfect moment to take truly breathtaking images.

During the whole year Creative Ideas has been constantly choosing the best photos that capture nature’s exceptional grace and portray everyday life in a new perspective. This photo-compilation is even more stunning yet!


Curious child, Tonga

Sunset storm, Lake Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Fearless symmetry, India


Halfway, Lake Baikal, Russia

Bros, Russia

Celestial tent, Russia


’Hello’ from Arctic

Sand waves, Dubai

Whale’s whispers, island Roca Partida, Mexico


Glance of the universe, Botswana

Submersion, Palau

Travellers, United Arab Emirates


Sunrise at the Vermilion Lakes, Canada

You are so funny! Nepal

Expect the unexpected, Iceland


Bitterness of the friendzone, Russia

Natural reserve, Chatyr-Tau, Russia

The more the merrier, India

Belogorsky Monastery, Russia


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